List of Posts For Writers

Encouragement – This is just a post where I share a bit about the challenges of raising special needs kids, and following your dreams, even when it’s hard.

Shiny Happy People…Or not – Flawed characters and how to deal with them.

Getting Down to the Truth – Finding your character’s real, in depth conflict

Making the Hard Choices – Getting the emotional pay-off, even when it’s hard!

One Girl’s Thoughts on Unpredictability – Making your MS unpredictable…without making it (or you!) insane.

Don’t Let the Beginning End You – Beginnings that will hook a reader (or editor!)

Writing for Presents: Heroines – Creating an interesting heroine who rises above cliches

Writing for Presents: Heroes – Creating a hero who rises above cliche

Writing for Presents: Conflict and Escaping Cliche – Pretty much what the title says it is. 😉

What’s it Gonna Be, Neo? – The rabbit trail of conflict

Daily Affirmations for the Insecure Writer – Get your affirmation on

Alpha Smart – Writing and loving the Alpha Male

Building a Character – Creating convincing, three dimensional characters

Oooh, That’s Not Sexy – A post about sex scenes where I use very sketchy words

More Things I’ve Learned – A handy Maisey List of Things I Have Learned Since Being Published

Onion Parfait – My infamous post about layers. With layers in them. It’s layery.

Molding the Manuscript – on shaping and fine tuning a MS to give it that extra something special

Emotion is the Same – emotion across genres

The Sex Between the Lines – tension and build up

Your Voice – on trusting your voice and what makes you unique

The Most Important Thing – preserving your creativity and your writing time

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Black Moments – Making the All is Lost Moment matter!!!

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