I decided to compile a little list of the questions I get asked most often/searches that appear frequently in my stats. I promise not to be too ridiculous. I’ll probably add to this list as time goes on and I get more…frequently asked questions.

How long does it take you to write a book?

This heavily depends on the book. Some books come fully formed and I love them, and others are kind of like squeezing blood out of a rock. For a first draft anywhere from three (rare) to six weeks. Then whatever time is spent on revisions following that. (and that time frame heavily depends on the revisions!)

I see you have a series called Copper Ridge, and there are a lot of books in it. Do I need to read them in order?

You really don’t need to read the series in order. Each one has a complete story and HEA, and each is about a different couple. Each ‘group’ does follow the progression of a particular family/friend group, and there are crossover characters. I have these groups broken down on the website, so that if you want to read every book featuring the Garrett family, it’s easy to find. You can check out groupings here. I also have the order listed here.

I see you have a new series called Gold Valley, does this mean Copper Ridge is ending?

The Gold Valley series is a spin off of Copper Ridge. Gold Valley is a neighboring community, and that means you’ll still see quite a few of your favorite characters. There will be a few more Copper Ridge books coming out in Desire, and while the upcoming longer books on the schedule are all Gold Valley, I think Copper Ridge is a town I’d like to return to in the future, and definitely could.

Why can I only find one book in the Silver Creek series in print?

This series started as a digital only series, and was moved to print…but not until the last book. Unexpected, Untouched, Unbuttoned, Rekindled and Unwrapped are digital only as of now. This is something that’s out of my control, but if you would like to write to Berkley and tell them you’d really like them in print, that’s fine with me! consumerservices@penguinrandomhouse.com


Your books have mistakes in them sometimes. How does that happen?

I used to wonder this too! How on earth could ages, eye colors or names end up wrong? How can an author forget the details of their own characters! *hollow laugh* Now I know how easy it is. The simple answer to this question is: My mistakes are karma for every thinking *I* would do a much better job than x author who forgot her heroine was 17 when she meat the hero fifteen years ago and not 18.

The true answer is this…

Books are worked on in many stages, and handled by a lot of people. Often I turn a draft in and then get notes from my editor some six months later, by which point I’ve written…3 or 4 other books and have forgotten a lot of things. Or sometimes at that stage I make a change to a timeline, but miss a reference. Or, in the case of a character name mix up that happened recently, it was something caught at the end of production, which was supposed to make it into the final book..and didn’t. A lot of people help read these books, but sometimes we miss things!

How long does it take for Harlequin (Mills and Boon) to respond to a submission?

If you’re submitting through slush it can take a very long time. I was in slush for seven months. It’s expected you’ll query after six. I’ve heard the estimation on slush submissions as high as 30,000 a year…so it’s quite a lot for them to get through!

How long does it take for them to respond to revisions?

Again, this is heavily dependent on what’s going on, but 12-18 weeks is typical. Past that, query and ask for an update.

Should I do the revisions?

If you want to get the MS published with M&B, yes. I get them with each book now that I’m published, so prior to publication it’s important for them to know you can do them, and that you will, within a reasonable time frame. I’ve heard 80% of revision letters don’t get responded to. They never hear back from the author. Don’t do that to yourself! If they’ve asked for revisions, they saw something they really liked.

Can you read my book?

No. I can’t. :/ You don’t want me to, because I’m a terrible editor. (there’s a reason I have one)  And also, there are several legal reasons that make this a bad idea.

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

I have no idea, next question.

Where do you get your ideas?

Anywhere and everywhere. Kid’s cartoons, stories on the news, wondering what sort of people would pursue a specific career, or how a someone with horrible burn scars would find love. In church (but don’t tell my pastor that!) Ideas and inspiration are everywhere.

Do you sleep?

I do. I’m very proficient at it. I even do it every night.

Finally, I love to hear from my readers, so don’t hesitate to contact me!

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