November 19, 2017

Maisey’s Best Romances of 2017

It’s that time of year when the Best of Lists are making the rounds, and I thought I’d made one of my own! I had a great reading year, and I LOVE sharing books I love.

My criteria of a 2017 Best Book is that it has to be published in 2017, and it has to be a GREAT romance. I want to laugh and cry, and FEEL. I want to close the book feeling happy and hopeful, and believing in the power of love. That’s a great romance to me.


Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas


45B69C14-0964-46CC-A2B6-0C3BD8D12870I discovered Lisa Kleypas in 2015 when Cold-Hearted Rake came out and I’ve been binge reading her ever since. Devil in Spring was more of what I love about Kleypas. She writes the absolute best innocent heroines. The first kiss in this book is Kleypas at the top of her game, with a heroine so overwhelmed by her introduction to pleasure she’s not even sure of what’s happening to her. It’s a beautifully romantic book and Pandora is a cute, determined heroine who makes a great foil to Gabriel, a hero who is determined to do the right thing, even though the heroine really wishes he wouldn’t.




Mess With Me by Nicole Helm


51B3888KiBL._SX303_BO1,204,203,200_Take a gruff mountain man, his best friend’s secret half-sister, and a mountain cabin and what do you have? My catnip. Mess With Me has so many romance elements I love. The forbidden best-friend’s-little-sister angle, an older hero and younger, more innocent heroine, and…well, cabins. And beards. Hayley is sweet and determined in her efforts to connect with her newly discovered half-brothers, and in her mission to help her hero, Sam, put his demons to rest and contend with his grief. If you like your heroes gruff, a little grumpy, and possibly hermits, then you’ll love Sam as much as I did.





Act Your Age by Eve Dangerfield


51bElAdCM3L._SY346_I’d never read anything by Eve Dangerfield before, but I saw her book listed in the also-bought with an author I enjoy, and clicked on it. I’m not big on ebooks, and I’m always hesitant to try a new author, but this story caught me and sucked me in right away. Erotic romance works for me when the author does a good job of explaining why the characters need the sort of sex they need, and what they get out of it. Dangerfield did a great job explaining what the characters’ get from their kink, without heading into self conscious Over Analyzed territory, which always pulls me out of the story. Kate, the heroine is quirky and vivacious, and very, very sad. I was rooting for her happy ending so hard! Tyler, the hero, is older, hot, and just the kind of Uber alpha I like. If you enjoy well drawn characters and BDSM this might be for you.



Duke of Desire by Elizabeth Hoyt —


51biwTLGk+L._SX307_BO1,204,203,200_Oh what can I say about Raphael. He’s one of the darkest, most tortured heroes I’ve ever read. And given my reading preferences, that’s saying something. Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series is one of the best series I’ve ever read, and this final book was a fitting end. Her books all share a common theme: Everyone deserves to be loved. Iris was a wonderful bright spot for Raphael, who is consumed with her from the beginning and yet convinced he can never truly risk having her. When she finally broke through his walls and found her way to his heart, it was SO satisfying. Which is why I love a dark alpha. That happy ending is just that much sweeter when they have such a hard climb. Raphael is no exception!




The Billionaire’s Secret Princess by Caitlin Crews


51D5IQ1-wQL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_What’s a princess being forced to wed a king she doesn’t love to do when she meets her doppelgänger in the women’s room at the airport? Switch places, obviously. Princess Valentina wanted to escape her life, but certainly didn’t count on what life would be like as personal assistant to Achilles Casilleris, who is tall, dark, sexy and too alpha to live. As with all Caitlin Crews books, the verbal sparring in this is fantastic, and the high fantasy fairytale component of the modern day Prince and the Pauper is the perfect escape. Plus, Achilles is just hot.





Devil’s Own by Megan Crane


51Jc+IaX34LI love all of Megan Crane’s bikers, but this one is my favorite. Chaser is a hot biker single dad, and there’s nothing about that I don’t love. Lara, the heroine, is Chaser’s daughter’s teacher, and Lara and Chaser end up having a parent/teacher conference that is downright x-rated. The atmosphere of the Bayou and the continued interplay between the guys in the Devil’s Keepers Motorcyle Club adds to the charm of the book, and Lara and Chaser might melt an ereader. I’m not normally into biker books, but if an author can give me a fantastic romance I’ll read anything, and Crane has certainly done that.





The Girl With the Make-Believe Husband by Julia Quinn


51RH+4BTw8L._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_This was my first Julia Quinn, which feels like a SIN coming from a historical romance enthusiast like myself. But this is also the book that sent me down a pretty intense JQ binge read. This story is basically While You Were Sleeping during the revolutionary war, with sex. The banter between the hero and heroine is delightful. Cecilia is an extremely cute heroine, and Edward is just So Honorable, which I’m always into. In spite of the lightness in tone, Quinn manages to infuse a lot of emotion into her books, which is an absolute must for me.





The Wicked Billionaire by Jackie Ashenden


51v2PtWm49L._SX303_BO1,204,203,200_Jackie Ashenden writes the kinds of books that make you feel hungover after. They’re so emotional. The characters always have to go through SO MUCH darkness to get to the light, and as I mentioned earlier: I love that. Nothing demonstrates the power of love as keenly as when those who feel absolutely unlovable find it. And Ashenden has done that beautifully here with her Navy SEAL sniper, Lucas, and her artist, Grace. Grace is the widow of Lucas’s best friend, who is turns out was engaged in some corrupt military stuff before his death. That has all now come back to haunt his widow, and Lucas has sworn to protect her. The attraction between them is intense and raw, and blisteringly hot. I said Raphael in Duke of Desire might be the darkest hero I’ve read, but Lucas gives him a run for his money. This is an intense, emotional read about the power of redemption & love.


Stone Cold Christmas Ranger by Nicole Helm


91z3-46HLELNicole Helm’s Intrigues remind me of the mysteries I grew up reading, so I always feel wonderfully nostalgic whenever I pick one up. But these are better than what I used to read becasue there’s sex in them. 🙂 This one has a bounty hunter heroine, Alyssa, joining forces with rule-following Texas Ranger, Bennet. If you’ve read my list of recs down this far, you already know I like books that make my heart hurt a little. Alyssa is a heroine who makes your heart hurt. She’s spent years being held hostage by a madman and after her rescue has struggled to find a normal life. Watching her pretend to be Bennet’s fiancée is heartwarming and heartbreaking, and her wearing high heels for the first time about killed me. If you like hot men in uniform, fake relationships, and bit of mystery mixed with Christmas magic, this one is for you.


Edge of Power by Megan Crane


61dBOc1KRFL._AC_US436_QL65_I’ll start by saying you really should read the whole Edge series by Megan, becasue it’s fantastic. But Edge of Power is the 2017 release from the series, and legitimately one of the best books for me this year. Wolf is alpha alpha. He’s the raider king, the baddest fighter around in this post-apocalyptic version of earth. He willingly gets taken captive by the king of the Compliant People and ends up crossing paths with the king’s daughter, Princess Kathlyn, whose only value lies in the fact her father is intent on auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder. I mentioned earlier I don’t like bikers all that much in general, and yet I love Megan’s. I would say the same is true of post-apocalyptic type books. But Crane tells a fantastic love story, whatever the setting, and she’s an incredible world-builder who sucks me right in. Her originality, fantastic writing and unflinching storytelling make me a fan of whatever she does. She is a woman who never pulls a punch, and I appreciate that.


Beautiful Liar by Zara Cox


41AyrgDEUXL._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_This book is an unapologetic, filthy thrill ride. All you can do is buckle up and hang on. I started this book and was completely and totally sucked into it. Zara Cox has such a compelling writing style. She pulls you right in and doesn’t let up until the story is finished. Quinn Blackwood is one messed up hero, and Lucky, the heroine, has been anythign but lucky in her life. By the time she makes a devil’s bargain with Quinn, who she knows only as Q, her options are limited, and he’s happy to take advantage of that. This one is hot, full of twists and turns, and incredibly romance in the end.





Sin For Me by Jackie Ashenden


Sin-For-Me-CoverThis book takes so many things I love and throws them all together. Tortured older hero, innocent heroine. She’s his foster sister, which kind of makes it ‘older brother’s best friend’ on crack. Gideon is both, in some ways, the older brother AND the villain putting his hands on the younger, sweeter heroine. Zoe, for her part, has loved Gideon forever, and living with him while he sees her as nothing more than a kid, when she’s DEFINITELY A WOMAN NOW, is torturous for her. Their coming together is fraught and full of angst and guilt on Gideon’s part. (I love an angsty, tortured hero). But they’re two damaged people who NEED each other, which is another thing that makes a great romance for me. When I feel like the hero and heroine can’t possibly be with anyone else, which Ashenden excels at always, and very particularly with this book.







April 21, 2017

Colton and Lydia, Bonus Scene!

Sometimes I like to check in with my characters and see what they’re up to. (Because I miss them!) 

If you want a little more of Colton and Lydia from Tough Luck Hero, here’s a scene I wrote for my newsletter last year: 


Lydia Carpenter was about to cut the red ribbon when she felt a twinge low in her stomach, accompanied by a tightening in her belly that made it hard for her to breathe.

“Are you okay?”

Her husband, Colton, was looking at her with concern. But then, he’d been looking at her with concern for the last nine months. If there was one thing both she and Colton were combined, it was concerned. And prepared. And well-read on all the books that told them all the potential catastrophes.

“Yeah,” she said, putting her hand over her stomach and breathing through it. “I’m fine. It’s…Braxton-Hicks probably.”

Colton didn’t look relaxed, but Lydia turned her focus back to the crowd of people awaiting the opening of the new shopping center — a quaint little affair that had taken the old diner building at the edge of town and turned it into a small run of shops — and then back to the red ribbon.

That was when the other pain hit. Only this one started to gather intensity down low, and then it just kept on going until she felt like a knife was stabbing her all the way through.

She grabbed hold of her stomach and bent over, but she couldn’t give Colton any reassurance because she didn’t have the ability to talk.

“Out of the way!”

Lydia looked up and saw her friend Sadie Garrett making her way through the crowd, clutching her baby in one arm, and tugging on her husband’s uniform sleeve with her free hand.

“Are you in labor?” Sadie asked, stepping up to the little ribbon cutting platform. “Do you need a police escort? Eli,” Sadie turned her laser focus to her husband, “you need to escort her. Go get your sirens on.”

“Sadie,” Eli said, long suffering, “I doubt she needs a police escort.”

“You don’t know that!”

“Sadie,” Lydia said, standing upright and panting. “I’m really…fine. It’s…not going to be that quick and anyway there is no traffic in Copper Ridge.”

“What if there is?”

“I think as expectant father it’s my job to panic,” Colton said, looking indignant.

“No,” Sadie said, shaking her head, her blonde hair swinging with the motion, “it is your job to stay stoic and let her break your hand or maybe bite you when she feels pain.”

“She may also shout you did this to me a few times,” Eli said, looking bland faced and innocent even as his wife shot him an evil glare.

“Is that all?” Colton asked.

“She also might threaten to cut off…body parts,” Eli said, shifting uncomfortably.

“Your penis, Eli,” Sadie said, enunciating. “I threatened to remove your penis.”

Eli cleared his throat. “Thanks, Sadie.”

Lydia couldn’t help but feel they were beginning to look like the beginning of a corny joke. A sheriff, a cowboy, a woman with a baby and a pregnant mayor all met up at a ribbon cutting…

“I’m not going to threaten Colton,” Lydia said. “I have a birth plan. Colton, we need to get the birth plan.” She turned her focus to her husband. “Is my Go Bag in the car?”

“Yes,” he said.

Sadie and Eli exchanged a glance, and then Sadie started laughing. “Oh, they have a Go Bag. And a birth plan. Never mind, I’m sure everything will go right along the lines of said plan. What are you doing? Playing whale noises?”

Lydia felt appalled. Down to her soul. “Obviously not. We’ll be playing classical guitar.”

“Oh good,” Sadie said cheerfully. “Well, make sure you turn it up to drown out the swearing.”

“I will not sw—ah fuuuu…” Lydia bent over again, clutching her stomach as she waited for the next pang to pass.

Then she straightened up and snipped the ribbon quickly. “Welcome to the new shopping center!” she said. “I’m going to the hospital now.”

A few hours, and yeah, a few dozen swearword later, MacKenzie Michael West was born.

Lydia drifted in and out of consciousness all through the day, and when she finally woke up it as dark outside. And Colton was sitting in the window seat, holding their baby.

He was talking to him, or maybe singing. It was hard to tell with Colton, since he was tone deaf. But MacKenzie didn’t seem to mind.

And neither did Lydia.

She pressed her hand to her chest, emotion expanding there. She had spent so long feeling lonely. Partly because of her parents. Because of the loss of her sister. And then, as the years wore on because of herself.

Because she was afraid to hope for love.

Here in this room she had more love than she’d ever though possible.

“Are you awake?” Colton turned to look at her, then immediately looked back at the baby.

“Yes,” she said, smiling slightly. “I’m awake.”

Colton stood, then walked over to the hospital bed, offering her the little bundle in his arms. “Do you want to hold your son, Lydia?”

Her heart clenched tight, and her breath caught. “Yes. Yes I do.”

She reached up and took MacKenzie from Colton, and cradled him against her breast.

“You know,” Colton said, “when we got marred in Vegas, and had to stay married, I thought I was having a run of tough luck. But I was wrong.”

“Oh, were you?” she asked, leaning down and brushing her lips over the baby’s forehead. “You’re welcome to expand on that.”

“I was wrong,” he reiterated. “Marrying you was the luckiest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

She looked up at her husband, love expanding inside of her, so big she thought she would burst with it. “Same goes, Colton West. Same goes.”

March 5, 2017

FREE read on — Say Yes, Cowboy

Every week from now until April 17th — just before the release of Slow Burn Cowboy on April 18th! — Harlequin will be posting up a chapter of my FREE read, Say Yes, Cowboy.

If you ever wondered what happened to Natalie Bailey, the woman who left Colton West at the altar in Tough Luck Hero…now’s your chance to get her side of the story. No, she’s not perfect. But she just might find the right man to make her shed that prickly shell of hers and find her happily ever after. 🙂

Will this high-society runaway bride find true love with a blue-collar cowboy?

It’s been four months since Natalie Bailey fled her country club wedding, stranding Copper Ridge’s golden boy at the altar. She’s still the town’s most hated woman, even though she knows she did the right thing. Life’s been painfully lonely ever since.

The last thing she needs is to see him again.

Mark Brown should never have gotten involved with ice princess Natalie. But from the moment they met, there was no stopping the wildfire of passion between them. Their affair burned down her sham of an engagement (which was good) but also his heart (that part, not so good). Now a chance meeting may revive those flames—if Natalie leaves her old life behind for a future with him…

You can read it here!

April 12, 2016

Jennifer Ryan (and me!) Share Our Favorite Cowboys!

This post originally appeared on the Harlequin blog! It’s an interview with  myself and the wonderful Jennifer Ryan!!


Sometimes (okay, more often than not) we crave a cowboy. A strong, protective, honorable-but-maybe-just-a-little-bit-bad, honest-to-goodness cowboy. Which is why we’ve asked USA TODAY bestselling authors Jennifer Ryan and Maisey Yates for input on their favorites. You know, for a rainy day…

Cowboys in Movies

Maisey: Adam Pontipee from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is, I think, my first cowboy love. (I’m calling him a cowboy since he rides a horse, wears a hat and works the land. And he lives in the mountains of Oregon, just like the cowboys in my Copper Ridge series do!)

It’s Adam’s confidence that appeals to me, right down to his marriage proposal to Millie.

Adam: So, how ’bout it?

Millie: How ’bout what?

Adam: How ’bout marryin’ me?

Jennifer: Daniel Craig. I know, I don’t really need to say anything else, except did you see him in those tight pants in Cowboys and Aliens? Those wide shoulders and washboard abs! Even though he’s lost his memory, the woman he loves haunts his muddled thoughts and tugs at his heart. She’s been taken and killed by aliens, and he misses her terribly. He wanted a life with her and to be a good man. He becomes that man when he falls for another woman and tries valiantly to save her. He loses her, but saves the world and gives up his outlaw ways—maybe. I love a bad boy with heart.

Okay, this isn’t the greatest Western ever made, but did I mention it’s gorgeous Daniel Craig? BONUS: Harrison Ford as a grumpy ranch owner. Yes! Double the cowboy sexy!

Cowboys in Books 

Maisey: The first cowboy I read was Kristiana Gregory’s Jimmy Spoon. In Jimmy Spoon and the Pony Express, Jimmy, having spent a good portion of his childhood with a Native American tribe, is trying to fit back in with his family and failing. My favorite part is when he goes back to his childhood sweetheart, Nahanee, and they get married. Because a cowboy is always true.

Jennifer: Rory may be one Stone Cold Cowboy, but he’s got a heart of gold and eyes for only one woman. He’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe and make her his. He may be a man of few words, but when he tells Sadie how he feels, he’ll make your heart melt. Dedicated to family, his woman and his ranch, he’s the guy you want on your side—and the man you want in your life. Rory is intense, sexy, strong, well mannered and ready to steal your heart with one rare sexy grin. While writing Stone Cold Cowboy, I fell hard for this tough guy, so I just had to include him in my list!

Cowboys on TV

Jennifer: Sexy sweet and superhot, my obsession with this modern cowboy is totally Justified. Deputy Raylan Givens does things his way, even if the Marshal Service doesn’t like it. I love a bad boy on the right side of the law. Raylan grew up hard in rural Kentucky. Under the old-school gentleman, you’ll find a tough guy. He’s one tall drink of water with those intense eyes leveled on his prey under the brim of his signature hat. When he smiles, it hits me right in the gut.

Maisey: I prefer my cowboys on the big screen (the better to admire them!), so I’m going to cheat and list a second movie character here—Luke in The Longest Ride. Ok, I’m cheating even more, because I haven’t actually seen the movie/read the book yet. But I have seen a lot of pictures of Scott Eastwood in a cowboy hat. Those pictures are enough to put him in the “favorite” column. Not least because he looks a bit like Eli Garrett, the stoic, misunderstood, insanely sexy hero from my first Copper Ridge novel, Part Time Cowboy.

About One Night Charmer:

0516-9780373789658-bigwCopper Ridge, Oregon’s favorite bachelor is about to meet his match 

If the devil wore flannel, he’d look like Ace Thompson. He’s gruff. Opinionated. Infernally hot. The last person that Sierra West wants to ask for a bartending job—not that she has a choice. Ever since discovering that her “perfect” family is built on a lie, Sierra has been determined to make it on her own. Resisting her new boss should be easy when they’re always bickering. Until one night, the squabbling stops…and something far more dangerous takes over.

Ace has a personal policy against messing around with staff—or with spoiled rich girls. But there’s a steel backbone beneath Sierra’s silver-spoon upbringing. She’s tougher than he thought, and so much more tempting. Enough to make him want to break all his rules, even if it means risking his heart…

About Stone Cold Cowboy:

0216-9780062435309-bigwWith their hearts’ desires on the line, nothing can stop the Montana Men

Sadie Higgins has a bad habit of bailing her brother out of trouble. But when he rustles a herd of cattle from the tough, honorable Kendrick brothers, it’s Sadie who’s in for it. Because the cowboy tracking them down is big, silent, and forbidding as hell.

Rory Kendrick is on the hunt to find out who’s been stealing from him. When he stumbles upon Sadie in the woods, he barely recognizes the quiet, vulnerable beauty who has always taken his breath away. His mission shifts in an instant: He will do anything it takes to keep her safe . . . and make her his.

Sadie has always protected her family—no matter the price. But when Rory ropes her heart, she’s forced to take a look at her life and make a dangerous choice—one that could cost, or gain, her everything.

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November 10, 2015

Harlequin Ebook Sale!

Harlequin is celebrating ten years of ebooks by putting TEN THOUSAND ebooks on sale for $1.99!!

Whatever you’re into, Harlequin has it, and this sale is a great chance to check out something new, or to discover some kinds of books you love, but might have missed!

Here’s a breakdown of what I have on sale:

A Hunger for the ForbiddenScandalized & Seduced_ to desire a Corretti…Alessia

Forbidden passion that can’t be denied!

Kick-ass heroines

Seriously badass heroines. A female billionaire, a heroine who wants to assassinate the hero for revenge, and a con woman.

Kidnapped by the sheikh

If it helps to see a breakdown by theme, I have ugly duckling heroines, one night pregnancy romances, enemies to lovers, kidnap, dominant heroes and secret babies!

Secret Heirs of Powerful Men

Secret Heirs of Powerful Men has secret babies and a pregnant virgin!

The Holt Sisters


A marriage of convenience, and a one night seduction with permanent consequences.

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September 10, 2015

Connor & Liss’s Wedding (Bonus Scene for Copper Ridge)

This scene went out in my newsletter in July, but I wanted to make it more widely available to my readers. Possible spoilers if you haven’t read Brokedown Cowboy, but if you have, and want more Connor and Liss…this scene is for you!

Click here for Liss and Connor’s wedding. 🙂

September 7, 2015

FREE online read: Desired by the Desert King

Chapter One of Desired by the Desert King is up today! A new chapter will be posted daily.

Read it here!

He was full of black magic. The kind that

September 5, 2015

Bad News Cowboy Quotes

Bad News Cowboy is available in most places you can buy books. If you like scrappy, tomboy heroines getting flirting lessons from their older brother’s best friend…you might like this. 🙂


Because the cab of his truck smelled like He was the fox in the henhouse. But even


You can check out a longer excerpt and buy links here.


August 31, 2015

Bound to the Warrior King

Bound to the Warrior King is already out on shelves and will be available in ebook on September 1st!

Click here for buy links and an excerpt.


comes after


August 20, 2015

Copper Ridge Series News!

First of all, I owe you all a huge thanks for the support you’ve given this series. The fact that you’ve bought, read and enjoyed the books means a lot to me.

Which brings me to some news about the series. I’ve announced all of this in bits and pieces but I’m going to try and distill it here for clarity. (clarity isn’t always my strong suit when I’m exciting and bouncing all over the place like a ferret on Pixie Stix, but I digress)

I have a lot coming up in this series over the next year. All of these books are set in the town of Copper Ridge, but each book is a complete romance. Some connect more closely with each other, like the trilogy with the Garrett family, and some have a looser connection, like the novella, Shoulda Been a Cowboy.

1115_9781460391297_ACopperRidgeChristmas_LOWNovember 1st A Copper Ridge Christmas comes out, this is a digital novella that will be available at e-tailers everywhere.

In April 2016 Take Me, Cowboy will be out in Harlequin’s Blaze series. I’m doing two books for Blaze, featuring the McCormack brothers.

So, what’s the deal with these Copper Ridge Blaze books? Blaze is one of Harlequin’s series romance lines. Here’s the description of the series on Harlequin’s website: Harlequin Blaze stories sizzle with strong heroines and irresistible heroes playing the game of modern love and lust. They’re fun, sexy and always steamy.

These books will be set in Copper Ridge, but will be just over 200 pages. A little more than a novella, a bit shorter than the HQN books. Copper Ridge is already a pretty sexy series, so the heat level will be about the same as what you’ve already read. I liked the idea of doing some books for Blaze, first off because I really, really love the line as a reader. Second of all, I liked the idea of doing Blazes for 2016 instead of novellas, because it would give readers a chance to buy the books in print as well as in digital formats. And allows me to hopefully have some shirtless cowboys on my cover. I’m a simple creature with simple needs.

So that’s Copper Ridge Blaze a nutshell!

In May 2016 the first book in the next HQN trilogy, One Night Charmer, releases. This trilogy will focus on the West family and will be connected much the same way the trilogy with the Garretts was this year. What’s the difference between HQN and Blaze?

HQN is Harlequin’s single title romance imprint. These books are almost twice as long as a Blaze and are on shelves longer, and also not shelved with Harlequin’s series romance books.

So here’s the abbreviated version:

You don’t have to read all the books in order!

There are more Copper Ridge books coming!

This is just the Copper Ridge schedule, I am still writing Harlequin Presents.

And here’s the schedule:

A Copper Ridge Christmas – Nov 1st, 2015

Take Me, Cowboy – Harlequin Blaze, April 2016

One Night Charmer – HQN, May 2016

Tough Luck Hero – HQN, July 2016

Last Chance Rebel – HQN,  September 2016

Hold Me, Cowboy – Harlequin Blaze, November 2016

If you have questions, feel free to pop them into the comments, and I’ll be happy to do my best to answer them!


Also, if you want to keep up to date on what’s happening with my books, feel free to sign up for my newsletter!

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