February 1, 2010

The ABC’s Of Romance (or the Presents ALPHAbet)

Well, I had some very good news on book #2 today! My editor really liked it and the revisions were extremely minor. So much so that I aim to have them done and have it sent back to her by tonight! (tomorrow her time!)

So, applying all of my past revisions seems to have really paid off. The key thing was to remember to keep it character driven, rather than plot driven. In my initial draft I had the plot driving my characters all over the place. He had to get her back to his home country, so I contrived a way to have that happen. After the revisions for the partial, which saw me rewriting the whole thing, I really just let Max and Alison steer the plot. I put them in a situation, but from there on it was up to them. And I’m very happy that that came across!

In a celebratory mood, my CPs Jane ‘mulberry’ Jones and Jackie Ashenden and myself, have come up with the Presents ALPHAbet for you! Enjoy! (please remember, we get giddy when we chat!)

A is for Alpha male, as you simply must have

B is for Billionaire you have to have him too

C is for Convenient, wedding or wife

D is for Desire, no shortage of that!

E is for Erection..well…we gots that too!

F is for Flighty, that’d be the hero’s ex-wife!

G is for Growl, as heroes tend to do

H is for Hostility, to conceal D and E!

I is for Italian, he’s letters A and B!

J is for ‘jaculation, it makes secret babies!

K is for Kisses…deepening, demanding, passionate, and occasionally punishing. 😉

L is for Love (naturally)

M is for Millionaire, we’ll take him if B is unavailable!

N is for Naughty, cause you know they will be

O is for…well, you know…cuz what’s a Presents without one?

P is for Passion, that’s guaranteed

Q is for Quickie, and we mean that in the best way

R is for Rich, the hero must be! And also Relationship, the central key!

S is for Sensual Seduction, another absolute must

T is for testosterone, of which there is plenty

U is for Undone, their clothes will be soon

V is for Virgin…but not for long

W is for Wedding, the more convenient the better

X is for Xhausted, as our poor heroine will be soon

Y is for Yawn, which she’ll never do in bed!

Z is for Zenatakos the Greek responsible for V through Y

Yeah…hilarity we haz!! 😀


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  1. Hahahaha! Now I know my ABCs… Don’t forget the alternative for P. 😉

    Big yays for Book 2, Maisey. I loved that story even before the revisions!

  2. Go girls! And LOL at the ALPHAbet name!

  3. […] not all angst at The Sisterhood Maisey, Jackie and I had some fun tonight. Maisey has posted the resulting hilarity on her […]

  4. Love the post, Maisey. Sorry I missed the fun, but I’m glad you got the letter Q in.

    Can’t wait to read book #2!


  5. Sorry you missed it too, Abbi! We may have to come up with part deux!

    Jackie, these are the best ABCs ever! If school had been half this fun…

    Jane, I couldn’t resist the pun. 😉

  6. Or for m you could have used mercies – small mercies that is! Great fun Alphabet and even greater news on the revisions (or non-revisions!). Go Maisey!

  7. Yep, totally hilarious 🙂

    Congrats on getting book #2 done and dusted. You’re amazing!

  8. Heavens no, Sally! There shall be no SMALL mercies in my Presents. Thought, be perished!:-D

    Joanne, thanks very much. Max and Alison would not allow me to slack on their story. They were insistent. Credit must go to them.

  9. Maisey, these are hilarious!!

  10. Great news on the minor revisions! And laughed through your whole ALPHAbet!

  11. Thank you, Michelle, I can’t take all the blame…er…credit. I share it with Jackie and Mulberry. 😀

    Anne, thank you, and so very glad you laughed.

  12. Cool, Maisey, you are so clever! 🙂

  13. I… I have to print this out and save it for posterity. It is that awesome.

  14. Thanks, Kathleen! We like to laugh…

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