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November 2, 2009

The Alpha Male *hoooowwwwl*

Ah, the Alpha Male. He’s the cornerstone of the bulk of the category romances. He’s the ultimate feminine fantasy, the untamable, seemingly complete man who has everything (and every woman) his heart desires, and yet when he meets the heroine, our ‘everygirl’, he realizes that she’s the one thing he doesn’t have, and she’s the […]

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October 10, 2009

Interracial Romance

Update 5/29/2011: Since I first wrote this blog post, I have sold an interracial romance to Presents titled The Highest Price to Pay, you can see the cover and description here. It releases July 15th, 2011 in the UK and is available for preorder on Book Depository and Amazon UK. Yes, it’s true, that technically […]

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I Love Romance

My name is Maisey Yates and I love to read romances. I am not ashamed. I love the passion, the intensity, the sensuality, the happily ever after that I know will be waiting for me on the last page. Keep your existential works with two men wandering in the desert discussing the futility of life. […]

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October 7, 2009

The Rancher’s Convenient Mistress Exerpt First Draft

Chapter One Acacia Masterson bit out a word that would have gotten her mouth washed out if she’d been in her mother’s presence. Of course, if she’d stayed near her mother she wouldn’t be in her current situation. She turned and faced the gorilla-man that was escorting her from the livestock pavilion and thrust her […]

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