Game of Vows

February 3, 2014
ISBN 9781460334171

A Game of Vows

(Hannah’s Story)

He must speak now…

Eduardo Vega once had the world at his feet, with trophy wife to match! Then a cruel accident left him with only fragments of memory—costing him everything. Now the time has come to track down his runaway wife and finally put the missing pieces of his puzzle back together…

Or for ever hold his peace!

Having tried her best to patch up the wounds of her first marriage, a couture-clad Hannah Weston is about to marry a much safer option. But moments before she says I do she's confronted by a perilously tempting memory from her past….


Hannah Weston swore as she tripped over the hem of her wedding dress, her focus diverted by the scrolling numbers on the screen of her smart phone. She’d said she wouldn’t work today. She’d lied.

The exchange was closed today, but she had a lead and she needed to chase it up before she made her vows. She had clients depending on her. And he would never know.

She dropped into the limo, her eyes still trained on her phone as she gathered her dress up into a satin ball and pulled it inside, slamming the door behind her.

“Going to the chapel?”

Hannah froze, her blood turning to ice as the limo pulled away from the curb and mainstreamed into the San Francisco traffic. That voice. She knew that voice.

She couldn’t look up, her eyes still set on her phone. She curled her fingers more tightly around the heavy fabric of her wedding gown wedding gown, as she took a breath and raised her gaze, locking with dark, intense eyes in the rear view mirror.

She knew those eyes too. No one had eyes like him. They seemed to cut through you, possessing the ability to read your innermost secrets. Able to mock and flirt in a single glance. She still saw those eyes in her dreams. And sometimes her nightmares.

Eduardo Vega. One of the many skeletons in her closet. Except, he wasn’t staying put.

“And I’m going to get married,” she said tightly. She didn’t get intimidated. She did the intimidating. Back in NY she’d had more guts than any man on the trading room floor. She’d had Wall Street by the balls. And now, she was a force to be reckoned with in the world of finance. She didn’t do fear.

“Oh, I don’t think so, Hannah. Not today. Unless you’re interested in getting arrested for bigamy.”

She sucked in a sharp breath. “I am not a bigamist.”

“You aren’t single.”

“Yes, I am. The paperwork was…”

“Never filed. If you don’t believe me, do some research on the matter.”

Her stomach clenched tight, the world tilting to the side. “What did you do, Eduardo?” His name tasted so strange on her tongue. But then, it had never been familiar. He was a stranger,  essentially, her ex-husband. She had never known him, not really.

They had lived together, sort of. She’d inhabited the spare room in his luxury penthouse for six months. They hadn’t shared meals, except on weekends when they’d gone to his parents’ home. They hadn’t shared a bed. Hadn’t shared more than the odd hello when they were in his massive home. It was only in public that he’d ever really talked to her. That he’d ever touched her.

He had been quick, blessed with money, a strategic mind, and a total lack of caring in regards to propriety. She’d never met a man like him. Before or since. Of course, she hadn’t been blackmailed into marriage before or since either.

“Me?” His eyes met hers in the mirror again, a smile curving his lips, a flash of white teeth against dark skin. “Nothing.”

She laughed. “That’s funny. I don’t believe you. I signed the papers. I remember it very clearly.”

“And you might have known they were never finalized if you had left a forwarding address for your mail. But that’s not the way you do things, is it? Tell me, are you still running, Hannah?”

“What did you do?” she asked, refusing to let his last barb stick in its target. She didn’t have to answer to Eduardo. She didn’t have to answer to anyone. And she most definitely didn’t run.

She met his eyes in the mirror and felt a sharp pang of emotion that mocked her previous thought. Why was this happening now? She was getting married in an hour. To Zack Parsons, the best man she’d ever known. He was wonderful. Respectful, honorable. Distant. Able to help give her a career boost. He was everything she wanted, everything she needed.

“It’s a complicated process,” he said, his accent as charming as ever, even as his words made her blood boil. “Something perhaps…went amiss?”

“You bastard! You utter bastard!” she shut the web browser on her phone and pulled up the number pad, poised to dial.

“What are you doing, Hannah?”

“Calling…the police. The national guard.”

“Your fiancé?”

Her stomach tightened down on itself. “No. Zack doesn’t need to know…”

“You mean you didn’t tell your lover about your husband? Not a great foundation for a marriage.”

She couldn’t call Zack. She couldn’t let Eduardo anywhere near the wedding. It would topple everything she’d spent the past ten years building. She hated that he had the power to do that. Hated facing the truth that he’d had power over her from the moment she’d met him.

She gritted her teeth. “Neither is blackmail.”

“We traded, mi tesoro. And you know it. Blackmail makes it sound sordid.”

“It was. It continues to be.”

“And your past is so clean you can’t stand getting your hands dirty? We both know that’s not true.”

A very rude word hovered on the edge of her lips. But freaking out at Eduardo wasn’t going to solve her problem.  The very pressing problem that she needed to get to the vineyard and take vows. “I’m going to ask you again, before I open the door and roll out into midday traffic and completely destroy this gown: What do you want? How do I give it to you? Will it make you go away?”

He shook his head. “I’m afraid not. I’m taking you back to my hotel. And I’m not going away.”

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