April 4, 2012


That’s what I’m doing. I took a brief pause to stop and write this blog post because I love you all too much to abandon you. But I’m scampering because this is a busy week! Next Tuesday I’m flying to Chicago for the Romantic Times Book Lover’s Convention (And I am a nominee for a Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Presents Extra). I’m rooming with the FAHBULOUS Jennie Lucas, and I’m looking forward to seeing many of my other Presents sisters…and just other romance writers and READERS! It’s VERY exciting.

Of course, in between then and now, I’m doing revisions for Mr. Personality who, I am pleased to say, my editor loved. And I’m really, really happy because I’m going to focus on bringing some of the darker elements of his character our even more. Which, you all know I love. Because how do I feel about character torture!? WARM AND FUZZY, that’s how I feel!

Although, writing Dante’s story, I have to say, I cried harder than I even have when writing. And that includes when I wrote Petrov Proposal and had to deal with Aleksei’s much loved dead wife *sob*. This was serious, sobbing, snot crying. I was afraid to open my MS for a while after I wrote one particular scene. He’s so tragic!

Anyway, I have to revise uber tragic hero (after my midnight phone call tonight with my editor, which feels so sekrit and fun!) and then I have to dye eggs, get my romance trading card pages all prepared, volunteer at church on Easter, hide eggs, eat my weight in candy, pack and…did I forget anything? If I did, it probably won’t get done! Not between now and Tuesday!

I am going to try and really focus on these revisions though, and dig in deep. I feel like I have a pretty excellent opportunity with these two characters to do something I’ve never done before, and I’m just really excited about it. And even more excited to have my editor on board!

My heroine is my little glitter fairy. She’s artistic and flamboyant, but she’s also a bit awkward. She’s the girl who didn’t fit, the one who didn’t get the boys, or even manage to walk down the hall without tripping into a locker. She didn’t get amazing grades. She just didn’t stand out, and when she did, it was for the wrong reasons. Since she couldn’t fit it, she decided to go with being unique. So we meet her as an adult with a surplus of sequins and a pink stripe in her hair.

My hero is…serious. And a bit obsessive about keeping his surroundings neat. Initially, I like that dynamic because when my heroine moves into his house (long story) her general crazy-ditziness drives him nuts, and I enjoyed the odd couple element it gave the story.

As I got deeper into him though, I realized that his need for control went way further than a need to simply keep things neat. It’s a part of a much deeper, darker issue. In short, it’s what’s holding him together, and discovering all of the destruction and loss in his past is the thing that had me weeping at my keyboard like a baby.

in short: Excited. About everything. And now…*scampers off*


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  1. Plenty to be – well, not happy if you’re sobbing into your Starbux – excited about. I can’t wait to hear all about RT!!

  2. Generally, little sobbing and just excitement! And I will have pics and blogs about RT! I promise!

  3. I came to your site specifically to check up on your tragic hero, so excited to get an update!!! Enjoy RT, sad I’m not going. 🙁 Talk about tragic!

  4. Hi Jessica 🙂 Glad you were thinking of Mr. Tragic. I’ve been tweeting lines from the book today. And BOOO sad you aren’t going to RT too!

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