Nerdy Book Info

I wanted to add a list of the books in the order I wrote them in, and give info about which books they’re linked to. So here it is!

1. His Virgin Acquisition

2. A Mistake, A Prince and a Pregnancy/An Accidental Birthright (linked to The Inherited Bride, this is Maximo’s story)

3. The Inherited Bride (linked to An Accidental Birthright, this is Isabella’s story)

4. Marriage Made on Paper (linked to The Petrov Proposal, this is Gage’s story)

5. The Petrov Proposal (linked to Marriage Made on Paper, this is Maddy’s story)

6. The Highest Price to Pay (and someday I intend to write Luc’s story)

7. The Argentine’s Price

8. Hajar’s Hidden Legacy

9. Princess From the Shadows (Part of the Santina Crown collection

10. Girl on a Diamond Pedestal

11. One Night in Paradise (linked to A Game of Vows, this is Zack’s story)

12. A Royal World Apart (Book 1 in The Call of Duty series this is Mak and Eva’s story)

13. At His Majesty’s Request (Book 2 in The Call of Duty series, this is Stavros’s story)

14. A Game of Vows (linked to One Night in Paradise, this is Hannah’s story)

15. Unexpected (Silver Creek Romance #1)

16. Her Little White Lie

17. Unbuttoned (A Silver Creek novella)

18. Heir to a Desert Legacy (Part of Secret Heirs of Powerful Men)

19. A Hunger for the Forbidden (book 8 in the Sicily’s Corretti Dynasty series)

20. Heir to a Dark Legacy (part of Secret Heirs of Powerful Men)

21. The Couple Who Fooled the World

22. The Wife He Never Wanted (title TBC)

22. Imagine Me and You (novella, title TBC)

23. Gypsy Sheikh (title TBC)

So that’s all the books so far…

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