Behind the Scenes of An Accidental Birthright

The premise for An Accidental Birthright came from a joke conversation I had with my critique partners about how often I write virgin heroines. They told me they bet I could make a virgin heroine in just about book…and someone said ‘but could you make a pregnant virgin?’ My answer? Sure, with artificial insemination. And that’s how I got started thinking about what might happen if an ordinary woman were to go to an IVF clinic and end up pregnant with the prince’s heir…(my mind is a scary place)

The working title for this book was…(I feel shame admitting this to you) The Prince’s Pregnant Virgin.

Being a non-affected carrier of Cystic Fibrosis plays a big part in Alison’s motivations for using a fertility clinic in the first place. One of my critique partners has a young son with CF and the book is dedicated to them.

It was the book that made me a USA Today Bestseller. It debuted on the list at #54 and was on for two weeks.

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